VO45 in the making

To celebrate 45 years of tradition and innovation, VO 45 was created – a contemporary hunting rifle as precise in design and accuracy as everything from VO Vapen, reaching out to a brand-new generation of hunters. However, this project started with one simple question, leading up to new questions to be answered.

The field events of VO Vapen have always been something quite out of the ordinary – friends gathering, sharing meals, and hunting together. A unique bond exists among those who have met so many times in similar settings. All of them share one thing in common: they are owners of a rifle from VO Vapen. On this particular day, the hunt had been unusually successful; both deer and roe deer hung in the carriage house outside the castle. After dinner, when the coffee had been served, one of the guests turned to Viggo: “Wouldn't it be fantastic if many more could experience this, after all, not everyone has the chance to acquire a bespoke rifle from VO Vapen.”

This humble question wasn't entirely new; it had crossed Viggo's mind on numerous occasions. However, on that particular evening in the gunroom, at VO Faktori, the question took on a renewed significance. It suddenly seemed like the opportune moment to begin a new chapter in the history of VO Vapen. Glancing around the room filled with both familiar and fresh faces, Viggo realized that they now had the possibility to create a hunting rifle in a new price category: a contemporary weapon with the same precision and finesse that has made VO Vapen renowned worldwide – an offering tailored for a new generation of hunters. This was the perfect moment, as the company had now embarked on a new era with VO Faktori, a building dedicated to exploring the art of gun making.

Viggo and his son Ulf soon began working on this new venture, crafting the blueprint for what they called ”VO X”. This endeavor required innovative thinking to align with the set price range they had decided upon. Both were certain about the necessity of a composite carbon stock – smooth and resilient, reminiscent of the impeccably balanced walnut stocks. However, this composite carbon stock, with entirely new solutions to maintain the comfort and precision synonymous with the bespoke rifles, would have to be constructed and made under their control, in their region, to maintain optimal quality. It wasn’t possible otherwise. This presented a time-consuming challenge. 

Peter, the design engineer, and master machinist at VO Faktori, brought in his father, Christer, to provide additional expertise. With their combined experience of over 35 years in tool making, everyone was confident that this substantial development project was in capable hands

Together, they strived day and night – programming machines, crafting drawings, models, and determining allowable tolerances. Material properties were scrutinized, and the team worked late into the evening. When the machined surfaces finally came to life, meticulous hand polishing was required to achieve the perfect finish for the discerning carbon fiber. Finally, the first prototype was ready. A new chapter in the history of VO Vapen had begun. VO 45 was in the making.

To be continued…