Today, Thor, Odin, and Loki are more fashionable than ever. Streaming series have made Vikings and their mythological characters household names worldwide. However, two decades ago, VO Vapen received an assignment to create the world's first rifle edition with a Viking theme. Thanks to extraordinary coincidences, this edition is now available to new collectors.

Sometimes, it takes a German perspective to make us here in Scandinavia realize our rich history. Today, Vikings seem to be more in focus than in a long time, and here in the south of Sweden, these times feel remarkably alive. This is where famous figures like Harald Bluetooth and his son Sweyn Forkbeard left their marks. It was likely also beyond our shores where the biggest naval battle of the era occurred, in a mysterious place called Svolder.

Inspired by all the stories of the famous Norsemen, and in particular their mythology, Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson and his son Ulf created four very special rifles: the VO Viking edition. After all, what could be more natural for a Swedish gunsmith than creating a rifle as a tribute to their ancestors?

However, it was a German collector and hunter who gave us the assignment. He's not the first German interested in Nordic mythology, though; just think of Richard Wagner and his “Der Ring des Nibelungen.” As we began our discussions on what to focus on, we eventually settled on four themes: Midvinterblot, Thor, Loke, and Odin – themes that our collector was particularly drawn to.  

Odin is the main god in Norse mythology. He is the ruler of Asgard and has a multifaceted role. He is also closely connected to certain animals, not least the two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who fly all over the world to bring him information. This rifle, like the others, was crafted in a unique design with 24k gold inlays and features two barrels.

Midvinterblot is a famous painting created by Carl Larsson that depicts a legend where a Swedish king was sacrificed to avert a famine.

Thor is a widely talked-about god, a hammer-waving protector of mankind and the gods, closely associated with thunder and lightning and his many adventures.

Loke is a complex and mischievous deity known for his cunning, shape-shifting abilities, and his role as both a trickster and a catalyst for chaos among the gods.

These rifles are once again available due to extraordinary international coincidences and are meticulously cared for at VO Faktori. If you are interested in this unique collection, please contact us to arrange a meeting.