There's not much Henrik Nyberg doesn't know about making ammunition more efficient. As a successful long-range shooter and having long manufactured his own specific precision loads, he is now developing a unique project in collaboration with VO Vapen: handloaded ammunition without comparison in larger quantities today.

We meet at VO Faktori, where Henrik Nyberg has made himself at home for some time now. In this sanctuary fully committed to the art of gunmaking, he works with the father and son duo, the Olssons, to develop a unique product for the hunting market. Strangely enough a perfect hand loaded ammunition has been conspicuously absent in the market. Something which actually makes all the difference between exact and decent precision.

A perfect charge is really about making the loads consistent and finding the exact weight. Here, we are talking about ’grain”, which corresponds to about 0.065 grams. This requires a human presence; no mass production system in the world today can guarantee the required accuracy. Henrik and his team load every cartridge by hand. First the case, then the primer, powder, and bullet. It is also extremely important how deep the bullet sits in the case; the seating depth has a significant impact on accuracy.

“You can be the most skilled hunter, you can have the finest hunting weapon — like in this case. But without the right quality ammunition for the task, precision won't be the same,” Henrik explains and points to his diamond scale.

Henrik learned to make his own ammunition the hard way. For a competitive long-range shooter, there are no substitutes. When VO Vapen approached him for collaboration, he realized a genuine global need—a demand for hand-loaded ammunition with perfect accuracy in larger quantities. Simultaneously, there was a growing desire for ammunition with copper bullets, eliminating unnecessary lead. This not only benefits the environment but also serves the needs of hunters worldwide. 

“If the bullet is made entirely of copper, it also holds together much better. You avoid lead splinters when you remove the bullet from the animal. The wound cavity is also much cleaner, and, of course, we avoid unnecessary lead in nature. Hunters today demonstrate a true dedication to environmental awareness, and the market demand for lead-free alternatives continues to rise steadily.”

At VO Faktori, work continues to develop mass-produced hand-loaded ammunition for hunters. In the shooting gallery there is currently more activity than usual. With advanced technology and classical craftsmanship, speed and powder quantities are measured. A bullet travels through the air at about 850 meters per second, and Henrik counts and calibrates. Soon it will be the launch of VO Ammunition: ammunition that takes your shooting to a higher and more stable level. Now there is nothing left to blame; it's up to you and your skill as a hunter.