Recycled VO material becomes our


To be a hunter is to be part of nature. Not letting anything go to waste. When we craft our rifles we collect every remaining piece of metal and wood. Since we have our own shooting gallery at VO Faktori we even have the possibility to assemble material from ammunition. This recycling is the foundation of our design collection where we make everything from cutting boards to lounge tables but also collaborate with manufacturers that share our values: craft and innovation in a wholesome marriage. A sustainable approach to our craft that actually makes us unique in the world of rifle making. Not only being part of the circle of life but also creating our own distinctive design haven for hunters.

This interior and home furnishing line has been designed by hunters for hunters. Created from materials used in our handmade rifle production, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, which has always been at the core of our philosophy. A design selection tailor-made for our way of life.