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The bond between VO Vapen and our customers is central to our philosophy. When you decide to purchase a handmade hunting rifle, you not only take part in a grand journey to create perfection, but also start a relationship that will often span generations.


In a beautiful cultural landscape in southern Sweden, lies VO Faktori. Our magnificent building, located next to a Renaissance castle, is where we create every part of our handmade hunting rifles. This is where we meet and explore our various beautiful models and witness every step of the production process. Throughout this experience, we’ll also have the opportunity to get to know each other, eventually understanding which hunting rifle would be perfect for you. The sun sets over the fields and your journey to join our fellowship of hunters has begun.


Tailoring a hunting rifle requires precise preparation. It is time to take all the necessary measurements and determine the various pre-conditions. Which one of our various beautiful walnut roots will become your stock? What are the optimal mechanics for your weapon?
We test your shooting technique and adjust the trigger to your fingers. Choose between our various innovations to make your rifle perfect for your purposes; this is also where we can find unique solutions. A creative time filled with great companionship. Just between us hunters.


Now the hard work begins. We turn the walnut root into a unique stock, perfectly crafted to your dimensions and wishes. The barrel gets sculptured from the finest steel thanks to our innovative machinery – meticulously drilled, turned, reamed, joined and polished. Every detail is carefully monitored by our Master Gunsmith. When you visit you become a major part of the process and together we sit down and discuss if there is any room for further improvements. There is nothing stopping us now – a bespoke rifle uniquely created for you is in the making.


Engraving is a vital part of VO Vapen. From the beginning, our artists have captured the spirit of the hunter. Your Master Gunsmith himself also spends hundreds of hours knurling the stock by hand for the ultimate shooting comfort and elegance. Soon a unique hunting rifle comes into being and it is time for delivery. Since the beginning, these have been deeply emotional moments for us – like letting go of a loved one. Still, the enjoyment of the hunter for whom we have created the rifle takes the sadness away. Knowing that a bond has been created that will stand the test of time, we are now part of a family.