Tradition and Innovation

Being part of a tradition is important for us. We have the utmost respect for our craft and all of those who have developed the art of gunmaking through the centuries. The amount of time that is put into our rifles is unique in the world today. Every little screw or surface is treated with the same precision. This is, however, something we combine with modern technique and pure ingenuity to develop our craft even further. That is why we built VO Faktori where old reliable methods are being used side by side with top-edge machinery and innovative processes, where we can challenge ourselves in every process. quest for perfection and new solutions that continues every day.

Building the stock

Strong, yet so light in your hand, and most of all: beautiful. The quest for the ideal walnut root takes us throughout the world – all to find the wood that is the essence of our stock. Meticulously air-dried, the roots are then washed and the bark is shaved off. Finally cut, the wood is carefully stored for another three years and the moisture is gradually drawn out. Now the walnut is ready to be worked into shape. Gently precision filed, sandpapered, oiled. All by hand by our craftsmen in our own unique facility – an important preparation for the marriage between wood and metal. Shaping a stock that will stand the test of time.

Working the Steel

Steel is quintessentially Swedish. Our country has a long tradition of metalwork, exquisite artifacts forged from our very own world-renowned steel. Perfection is another thing we take very seriously up here. This is after all the country where Linneaus classified the natural world and Celsius created an exact temperature scale. Such is our craftsmanship: a diligent attention to every single detail. At VO Vapen all metal parts are precision filed and polished by hand and transformed into elegant, accurate rifle parts. A bespoke product made according to our customers’ very specific wishes.

Our barrels

Form and beauty is all very well, but function is really what makes a rifle truly great. And accurate marksmanship is all really a matter of weight and balance. Here our Swedish stubbornness proves really invaluable. All our barrels are designed according to special length and weight parameters to ensure the perfect balance for every calibre. The profile may be round, floated or octagon, all according to our customers’ wishes and our greatest meticulousness, but like everything else they are finished to utmost perfection in our workshop. Always using the latest technology. To reach the highest precision possible, all our barrels have been thoroughly tested at our own state-of-the-art shooting gallery, at VO Faktori. Always under the vigilant eye of our Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson and his son Ulf.


The engraving is what makes the rifle your own, very personal artefact. This is the moment where our relationship with our customers is sanctified. Every individual weapon is different. Our engraving work is unique for every rifle – no matter if you choose your own engraving design, or if you prefer a rifle from one of our collections. All our craftsmen are masters of their art and we are proud to have some of the world’s finest engravers as our colleagues here at VO Faktori. For us the engraving is a vital part of the expression of identity of a rifle from VO Vapen. We have also developed many totally new methods of engraving, all unique to our workshop and which can only be seen when you visit us. A consequence of our constant quest for perfection.