VO Action

This is the very first rifle mechanism on the market that can handle all calibers from 6.5 and onwards, designed on a regular size action, up to the .375 H & H Magnum rifle cartridge. Now, there is no need to order an extra uncomfortable long size action. With this smooth rifle mechanism the hunter could easily use all kinds of cartridges within branch standard length with the same weapon. A unique innovation, especially created for our own production to make life easier for all devoted hunters.

VO Short Action

VO Short Action is specially developed around the short 308Win caliber. We found a way to enable this new action to handle 6,5x55 caliber as well – something that has never been done before. Naturally, this beauty can be used with all our VO innovations. Reliable, precise and powerful – yet so light in your hand. Small but truly impressive.  

VO Safety

VO Safety is a true innovation that has revolutionized functionality of the safety and trigger system for every hunter. Now you can handle the rifle even though it is locked in a secure mood, change ammunition without any uncertainty whatsoever. This is an adjustable lock- and safety mechanism with three different settings, something we believe is truly unique within the field of rifle construction. Perfected to be used on one of VO Vapen’s rifles or any professional rifle on the market. Tested to perfection at VO Faktori.

VO Magazine

With VO Magazine you can rest assure that your magazine remains attached to your rifle. This especially developed lock makes it quite impossible to drop your ammunition storage by mistake. Your detachable magazine is thoroughly secured two times in the trigger housing which makes this solution thoroughly reliable. A unique invention that makes serious hunting even more pleasurable and comfortable. Something that always has been our master gunsmith Viggo Olsson’s ultimate aim since the beginning.

VO Muzzle brake

In a prone shooting position, especially in long-distance mounting hunting, the barrel must remain in position after the shot has been fired. After many tests, we came up with a unique design on a muzzle brake where we reached maximum effect. Since the results were overwhelmingly successful, we now have our very own series of VO Muzzle brakes that make those fast driven hunts, and also the dangerous African hunts, into a smooth experience. Available for all our calibers, even up to 416Taylor. 

VO Cheek-Piece

While working on a bespoke rifle for women, we discovered that without an adjustable cheek piece, such a project would never be successful. Therefore we developed our very own alternative where we adapt the height specifically for each customer. Now you only have one setting and never have to think about whether you get the right height again after you lower your cheek piece. Available as an option for all our weapons.

VO Sightholder

While developing VO Action we soon understood that we needed a new kind of holder for a sight. Something that would harmonize perfectly with a rifle equipped with this unique mechanism. So we created this distinctive and reliable sight holder. Developed to suit all the finest scopes on the market. Available both for ring or rail mount. The definitive elegant sight holder for the devoted hunter.

VO Sightholder LD

When hunting at really long distances, a larger telescopic sight with special functions is required. These sights usually have a thicker tube, 34mm, and need a stronger mount to remain reliable. We decided to design a special mount that could live up to these stringent demands. The mounts are machined from solid billet 7075 T651 aluminum and hard coat anodized. Super efficient and accurate.

VO Sightholder Aimpoint

We have received many requests from our VO owners about the possibility to add Aimpoint to our weapons. A sight that is in great demand precisely for fast battues, with the great advantage of being able to hunt with both your eyes open. We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with such a distinguished Swedish brand, and now we can offer a detachable VO Sightholder specially designed for the Aimpoint model Micro H-2.

VO Takedown

Our world-renowned and patented TakeDown system is something that has been linked exclusively with our own rifles. This system allows the owner to use several different calibers with the same rifle. The natural choice for hunters who explore the world in search of different game. Traveling light: with only one fantastic rifle. Making each piece not a single gun, but several rifles in one.