Bespoke in every detail

Our custom-crafted rifles are created to make it easier for you as a new VO Owner to find your way in the jungle of weapon parts, details, and functions. They are designed and created, in our opinion, to best suit the hunting conditions in each category. But nevertheless they may not be the way you want it at all. Maybe you want other barrel lengths, or to change mechanism, choose an integrated magazine instead of a detachable one, create a unique stock or a special mounting for a telescopic sight? If so, you are welcome to visit us at VO Faktori, where we explore solutions for every weapon detail exactly after your demands. It will be just exactly as you want it, and later we will choose design and decoration for each individual weapon part. This will be a weapon that reflects the hunter’s character, style, and way of life. No two hunters are alike. When you order VO Made to order, you get a hunting rifle that becomes a part of you.

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