VO 45

Contemporary precision

Since day one, the bond between us and our clients has always been of the greatest importance. After 45 years of cultivating our craftsmanship we have also come to appreciate the importance of building bridges between the different generations. Just as we are constantly developing our rifles, we now aspire to develop new relationships. For this reason we have created VO 45 as a unique opportunity for new hunters to join our family. A contemporary rifle, yet as precise in design and accuracy as everything from VO Vapen. Available for a competitive price and with the option to upgrade and get your full investment back. VO 45 is our tribute to modernity and craft welcoming a new breed of marksmen.


Every metal part is carefully sandblasted and thanks to our bluing process the rifle gets a dark matte surface. This technique is used on all rifle parts, including the barrel and the bolt knob.


VO 45 is all about making hunting a pure joy right from start. After your purchase you are ready to go. VO 45 is therefore delivered with an attached fixed sight holder. Perfect for mounting scopes with rails such as the Swarovski SR.


New unique marking serie, starting with number VO45-001

A celebration to 45 years of


Being part of a tradition is important for us. We have the utmost respect for our craft and all of those who have developed the art of gun making through the centuries. This is, however, something we combine with modern technology and pure ingenuity to develop our craft even further. That is why we created a contemporary rifle where old reliable methods are being used side by side with top-edge machinery and new material. After 45 years in the trade, we now reach out to a new generation of hunters.